Fashion Blogger: Lagoa & Alessandro Giacometti

17 May 2016

Fashion Blogger: Lagoa & Alessandro Giacometti

Slip-ons might be an extra tricky piece of footwear to choose. You can basically find a humongous variety of seemingly similar kinds in every single store. Therefore there is the actual risk of not finding that specific one which truly reflects our mood either because it is too flashy or because their look is too flat.

That was not the case for the famous Italian fashion blogger Alessandro Giacometti. For him picking up our rope sole shoes LagoaWorld Roques collection for his outfit shooting was a no brainer.

He decided to feature our rope sole shoes in buffalo blue leather with yellow details with garments characterized by very intense color tones so he could play with their contrasts. His mood, which was a perfect fit with the shooting setting, is the perfect go-to choice if you can not decide on which style you feel like wearing on a casual occasion or for a stylish walk at the beachside.

Alessandro’s style advice for those who choose to wear a slip-on with a super trendy soul like that of LagoaWorld Roques Collection is that of using them as a true fill-in to make a classy outfit a little bit more laid back or, instead, to provide a basic look with a glamorous personal touch.

LagoaWorld’s Versatility scored another big one


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