Route to South Korea! LagoaWorld & FGF

10 May 2016

Route to South Korea! LagoaWorld & FGF

LagoaWorld footwear is finally available in South Korea at all FGF stores namely, COEVO, GEEKSHOP and IMZ PREMIUM. FGF is the one and only retailer selling our rope sole shoes throughout the country.

FGF is proud of its high reputation in service and quality, which it has acquired over the last 30 years. It established the fashion brands such as INTERMEZZO, C.P. Company, Stone Island and footwear & lifestyle store, GEEKSHOP. It is nationally well known retail store chain of the best fashion brands in South Korea. Their main focus is to foresee trends and form an innovative vision in the Korean fashion market through their widespread brand awareness.

Urban styles and glamorous garments are featured in their marvelous stores which aims are those of encouraging Korean consumers to have a taste of high end European fashion trends. F.G.F is continuously growing as a global fashion enterprise. With the aim to create the best living culture value and improve the quality of life, F.G.F has expanded in the food industry, as well. Since the early 2000s FGF has been active in the food industry as well by opening several restaurants and trattorias serving the finest Italian cuisine. Good, healthy and premium food is as fancy as fashion after all!

At LagoaWorld we are thrilled to have such a nice cooperation opportunity with such an important player in the local market and actually we would have never dreamed to find a better one for showcasing our rope sole footwear.


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