Netherlands time. Fashion revolution!

10 February 2016

Netherlands time. Fashion revolution!

LagoaWorld footwear are finally available in the Netherlands. The frist bunch of deliveries of our rope sole shoes have worked their ways to their destinations and many retailers have already updated their website to flash their LagoaWorld shoes.

The distribution, that encompasses the best fashion boutiques among Belgium and Netherlands, is mainly focused on the biggest urban areas where the rope sole shoe has already become a trendy feature on many outfits and looks.

Our goal is to repeat the success that our footwear has already achieved in Italy so far over the last two years after having positioned the brand LagoaWorld in the high tier of the italian fashion market. Making a clear statement that LagoaWorld are no simple espadrilles but rather real rope sole shoes has been the difference maker factor that made our footwear stand out of the competition.

The first results are coming in and it looks like the Dutch public has found Lagoaworld rope sole shoes fresh, smart and a trendy footwear characterized by a unique design.


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