Eros Luca, one of the most appreciated Italian fashion bloggers, recently picked our LagoaWorld Freetown Collection rope sole sneakers for his last two shootings.

He flashed his yellow sneakers with handpainted colorful stripes in Turin, his hometown, together with a patchwork coat. His style advice, for those who might choose to feature such fashionable and strong garments in their outfits, is to keep it very basic with everything else otherwise chances are you will end up looking like a Christmas tree.

Eros is a real Lagoaworld lover and he never loses any opportunity to wear his kicks. He told us he likes their colorful look, comfort and versatility which is why he brought them over in his recent trip to Dubai as well. However, Eros believes that the feature that really sets LagoaWorld rope sole shoes apart is their crafty design that makes every single shoe having different details than all the others. Having the opportunity to wear a stand alone piece of footwear that belongs just to you is a real difference maker not only from a fashion blogger standpoint but, he says, for everyone seeing as the entire world of fashion is pushing everyone towards fitting into standardized stereotypes.


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